Is Florida a Jim Crow State Under the Leadership of Gov. Scott?

RogerCaldwellby Roger Caldwell  

Leading up to the election of 2014, Governor Scott will continue to run Florida as a Jim Crow state. In 2012, Ex-President Clinton said, "There has never been in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax and all the Jim Crow burdens on voting, the determined effort to limit the franchise that we see today."

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The Bottom Line with Temia Brinson - Analyzed

Temia Brinson face pictureThe Bottom Line with Temia Brinson debuted on Saturday morning at 8:am. Ms. Brinson's first guess was Geraldine Thompson. Senator Thompson talked about the Medicaid funding issues with Gov. Scott and the Republicans and then she talked about the stand your ground law. Both are very important issues when the Black population is concerned.

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Hey President Obama, I Got Your Back !!!

Obama smilingRelax People, here comes the G.O.Tea Party to Our Rescue With Your Choice Of: “The Racist Gang Who Were Too Stupid to Take Yes for an Answer” or “How the Tea Party has Virtually Assured the Election of the Clinton's in 2016”.

The attempt to remove Democracy by Anarchy and replace it with an Oligarchical Plutocracy, will ultimately fail for many different reasons. (Oligarchy- Rule by the few. Plutocracy- Rule by the Rich, Thus, Oligarchical Plutocracy is a political system that is run by a few rich people/families/entities)

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Out Political Issues are Wearing Me OUT!!

Francine Thomasby Francine Thomas
.....I was SUPER Busy yesterday. At days end I was exhausted with a million thoughts still racing. Our political issues are broad and wide. Resolutions are in sight, we are marching, rallying, voicing our concerns - yet no change. Our most valued ammunition is to show these Elected officials at the polls, that we mean business.

We can not sit idly by and all what is happening today repeat itself. Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security cuts should be off the table. If we do not get out and educate folks the IMPORTANCE of their vote during General Elections, then we are as guilty as they are.

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The Shut Down: So That We All Clearly Understand....

ShutDown1This is an Unprecedented Move by the 1%: A de-facto Coup d'état occurred in the United States on 10/1/2013 and Anarchy has replaced Democracy with an Oligarchical Plutocracy as the “New” American political identity.

The historians will surely note that on that date, the Ultra-Right wing element of the Tea Party ( Led by Freshman Sen. Ted Cruz) exerted its control over and did take, in effect and as a practical matter , control of the Greedy Obsolete Party.

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