Was 2013 a Bad Year For President Obama?

President Barack Obama in official WH photoby Roger Caldwell
"Obamacare really represents the single, biggest instance of consumer fraud in the nation's history. And the American people are increasingly led to the conclusion they cannot trust this administration to say what it means or mean what it says," said GOP Sen. John Cornyn of Texas.

It is very easy to argue with the senator about his statement, but everyone in the country would agree that 2013 was a very rocky year for the president and his administration.

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Former Orange County Sheriff Candidate Issues Stern Warning About Parramore

mikegreeneby Mike Greene - former candidate for Orange County Sheriff
Mike Greene issued a brief comment about the gentrification of Parramore and the lack of leadership in the Black community.

As I ran for Sheriff last year, and I will again in 3 years, I was the loudest voice who publicly stated what I saw.

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The Women and Gays Theory

women gay powerby Lawrence A. Robinson
Here is a comment that I ran across on social media. This kinda gives an idea of what the other side is thinking. The writer clearly has objection, but I have to wonder, could a ploy to make the Black male non-relevant be plausible? Is the Black male so threatening, that a ploy to remove him altogether is a consideration of the other side?

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Orange County DEC Politics 101: A Beginning Class For Black Folk In Central Florida

Jim Callahan - Managing Director at Callahan AnalyticsEditor: Required reading especially, by Black people in Central Florida. This beginners class is to get you caught up with what the Orange County DEC is really all about. There should be more education on the real issues of the Orange County DEC. At this point, this group will be a non-productive factor if the goals are not clearly defined and the group is not on the same page. I don't know whether to congratulate the new chair on the win or not. There appear to be hidden agendas with the folks that are pulling the strings.

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Blacks Are Not 'Merry' With The Orange County DEC

Orange County Democratic Party Logoby Lawrence A. Robinson

Clinton Salters lost the race for Chairman of Orange County Democratic Party to Carlos Smith. Carlos Smith won by a large margin and his supporters are very happy. Supporters for Clinton Salters, obviously are not as happy, but following Clinton's lead, most said they will continue their work within the DEC.

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