Mayor Jerry Demings ‘Housing For All’ 10 Year Task Force Failure

Mayor Jerry Demings and the Orange County Housing For All task force unveiled a 10-year plan to add tens of thousands of new homes to the Orange County landscape.

I didn’t attend this meeting but I did watch the video afterwards. This meeting proved to be hyperbole just like the ones that I attended in person.

As I viewed the video, I took the liberty of inserting my thoughts. Here is my opinion intertwined in this review of the Housing For All Task Force Final Recommendations Meeting.

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Anna Eskamani’s Affordable Housing Fiasco

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The ‘Housing for All Initiative’ says that the major cause, driving the need for affordable housing is low income.

At a town hall meeting, I asked a City of Orlando housing specialist if there was a plan to address the low income issue. She indicated that there is no plan.
Rep. Anna Vishkaee Eskamani interrupted my questioning by saying that she has a plan. I asked Rep Eskamani for a copy of the plan and have received nothing but excuses and diversions from her.

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Mitigating The Black Issue

Dyer blueCheckedMany problematic issues facing the Black community could be mitigated if the average household income was a little higher. The average monthly rent payment in Orlando is out of reach for minimum wage workers.

The low income populations sometimes have to decide whether to make a partial payment on rent so that they will have enough money to catch the bus to a minimum wage job or delay rent for two weeks, so that they can buy groceries. Too often, this is a fact of life when living near the Mickey Mouse tourist world.

Mayor Dyer and Mayor Demings are aware of homelessness and other dire consequences facing the underemployed, yet they and others continue to promote a flawed project that does nothing for this population. They provide no hope that things will get better. They don’t even have a plan.

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Is Mayor Buddy Dyer abusing Black people with his double whammy of labor and housing exploitation?

Dyer checkerdMayor Dyer's campaign promise to Black people and therefore, the community is to solve the housing issue. He recently announced a $15/hour wage increase for city workers. Wages increase over years and will surely be inadequate by the time it arrives.

Here are some excerpts from a study title, 'How Poor Americans are Exploited by Their Landlords.' The link to that study is at the end of this piece.

Ultimately, they find consistent evidence that the poor, and especially the minority poor, experience the highest rates of housing exploitation. In their most basic formulations, they find that renters in high-poverty neighborhoods experience levels of exploitation that are more than double those of renters in neighborhoods with lower levels of poverty.

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