Three Weeks of Confusion and Chaos from Trump, White House

Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell
In politics, I have been told that you pick your battles. But President Trump has a different theory, and he has decided to fight everyone that does not agree with his opinion, and that is a terrible way to start your administration.
There are over 600 administrative positions that must be filled, and staffers who have been hired are having meetings in the dark because they don’t know how to turn on the lights. There are leaks coming from aides who are questioning if the top staff understands the processes of the White House and/or the federal government.

Using Donald Trump's Reasoning In Real Life

Reasoning 200By Attorney Camara Williams, Esq.
I plan on heading into the bank this morning and asking about one of those small 14 million dollar loans Donald is talking about. Parents are tripping on this pocket change, acting like they ain't got it.

Also, I've come to the conclusion that "They" (DJ Khalid Voice)...don't want us to be great...because THEY ain't calling Sean Hannity. So what we gonna do? We gonna be great again.

Land of the Fearful, Home of the Bigot

DonaldTrump menaceBy Debra Ellick
Good morning Pastor. Your George Washington quote is so relevant this morning! If I may add to your insightful post, as you are keenly aware, each of us is shaped by our experiences in America. Unlike you, I view the America I was socialized within through a different prism. As you acknowledge, the GOP may be exactly who they've always been.

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