Scott Turns from Slick Businessman to Secretive Politician

RickScott1Last week there was a three day education summit called by Governor Scott, and he failed to show up for the event. I don’t know the reason his schedule could not fit two hours to explain the significance of the summit, but he was a no-show. I could surmise from his behavior that the summit was not important to him, or maybe he does not care, because he is going to do what he wants to do.

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The Five and a Half Year Tantrum That Threatens The Nation

A Thin Line Between Ideology & Treason

Elections have consequences.

We have heard this before but never before, at least not in my lifetime, has the reality of this sage warning been more glaring. Our country, the good, old U.S. of A is being held hostage in plain sight of The People, a constantly-attempted coup working against the will of the electorate. Democracy has been turned on its head by a malcontented, unpatriotic few doing all they can to hijack the country.

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"Not MY Buddy" Dyer

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer NotMyBuddy. talhua Paladino community activist.talhua Pazy Paladino, Candidate for Orange County Commissioner District 6, submitted this obversation of Orlando's Mayor Buddy Dyer.

Tonight "NotMyBuddy" ran out on the community update on the Citrus Bowl Reconstruction stating he was "triple booked" and had to get to another event. I wondered what could possibly be more important than a $191 million dollar facelift for a 70 year old sporting stadium? A $429 million dollar performing arts center? A $85 million dollar Major Leauge Soccer stadium? Maybe a meeting on the Magic Junk Bonds?

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Susan Rice's Tough New Job As National Security Advisor

Susan RiceFormer United Nations ambassador, Susan Rice has started in her new job as national-security advisor, and she is a testimony of African Americans having the most powerful positions in the world. As the national-security advisor everyday she is talking to the national security apparatus, which includes the FBI, CIA, State, Defense, and any other agencies that have a stake in a particular problem or crisis.

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There is a New Sheriff in Town at the Securities Exchange Commission

SEC LogoThe Security Exchange Commission is a federal regulatory agency that is designed to protect investors and eliminate insider trading, accounting fraud, and misleading information about securities. Stock market trading is a risky business and the SEC keeps things fair and transparent for large and small investors. Each year the SEC brings hundreds of civil enforcement actions against individuals and companies for violation of the securities laws.

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