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OrlRena StatusWritten by Lawrence A. Robinson
Challenging the status quo is always a daunting task. The status quo appears to be stable and everyone has accepted it for what it is. When the leader of a social organization or group, such as the Orange County NAACP the Orange County Urban League or the African American Chamber of Commerce, has set himself or herself up in a status quo situation, it is near impossible to change or even alter that status.  Inertia just won't allow it.

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Blacks May Not Think About Politics, But Politics Think about Us

RogerCaldwellby Roger Caldwell
Last week was a vigorous weekend for the Florida Democratic Party, because they held their yearly conference at the Walt Disney World resort, and there were other networking events around Orlando. The weekend was jam-packed with political strategy meetings and speeches. Based on my allotted time schedule, I decided to attend the Orange County Democrats special reception for Florida Democratic Party Chair Allison Tant, and the Democratic Black Caucus of Florida Town Hall meeting.

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Is the Government Shutdown a Game for the Two Parties?

By Roger Caldwell
“I’m thoroughly disgusted with our politicians. This country was built on compromise and we have a Republican and a Democratic party in power and we expect them to do the job that we sent them to do. And as I see it right now, they’re acting like a bunch of three year old children. It’s who can hold their breath the longest,” says Ken Griffith, a tourist from Kentucky.

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Orlando Council Member Daisy Lynum is Ringmaster for Local NAACP Circus

Orlando City Hall storyDuring the Orlando City Council meeting, held on October 21, 2013, Council Member Daisy Lynum made comments that dealt with the town hall meeting scheduled for that evening.

Commissioner Daisy Lynum was obviously distressed about the Orange County NAACP special scheduling of a town hall meeting to possibly discuss the proposed soccer stadium that is to be built in the Parramore area.

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Republicans and Democratic Party Favorability Sinks to Record Low

By Roger Caldwell
"You can't depend on Washington because the train is long overdue," says the late Gil Scott Heron. Both parties are blaming each other for the mess in Washington, instead of compromise and the train is falling off the track. It has been 13 days since there has been a government shutdown and our politicians have been petty and vindictive.

The good thing is both the parties and the president are talking to each other even though they both think they are right.

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