MikeGreeneby Mike Greene
Politics is corrupt by nature. The way the system is in place, our political system is based on corrupt practices. You can't get elected without support. At least some of that support comes from donors. Once some folks or corporations donate, they expect favors in return. The politician now feels obliged to return that favor, not so much for payback, but for continued donations in the future.

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What African Americans Want From President Obama in 2014

BlackAgendaby Roger Caldwell
In 2014, the African American community is divided into classes, and conflicted on the direction it should take this year. There is always in the country, a small percentage of folks who are wealthy, because of their job, business, career, or family bloodline. This is true in mainstream America and it is also true in the African American community.

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Smear Campaign Against Regina Hill, Ready...Set...FLOP!

ReginaHillby Lawrence A. Robinson
You may have heard about the smear campaign against Orlando City Council District 5 candidate Regina Hill over the last few days. It seems that Regina Hill was arrested a few times starting when she was 18 years old, more that 25 years ago. She has since turned her life around and has been a pillar of leadership and openness in the community.

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Governor Scott's Goal in 2014, to Shrink the Minority Vote

rickScott concernedby Roger Caldwell
There will be a gubernatorial election in 2014 in Florida, and the strategy is to win the position by spending the most money. In 2010, Rick Scott spent over 70 million of his own money to win the election, and this time around, he will spend 120 million of the Republican Party and his money.

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