Using Donald Trump's Reasoning In Real Life

Reasoning 200By Attorney Camara Williams, Esq.
I plan on heading into the bank this morning and asking about one of those small 14 million dollar loans Donald is talking about. Parents are tripping on this pocket change, acting like they ain't got it.

Also, I've come to the conclusion that "They" (DJ Khalid Voice)...don't want us to be great...because THEY ain't calling Sean Hannity. So what we gonna do? We gonna be great again.

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Land of the Fearful, Home of the Bigot

DonaldTrump menaceBy Debra Ellick
Good morning Pastor. Your George Washington quote is so relevant this morning! If I may add to your insightful post, as you are keenly aware, each of us is shaped by our experiences in America. Unlike you, I view the America I was socialized within through a different prism. As you acknowledge, the GOP may be exactly who they've always been.

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We Know Something About Aramis Ayala That You Ought To Know

AramisAyala cancerBy Lawrence A. Robinson with Attorney Natalie Jackson
Attorney Aramis Ayala is a candidate for State Attorney for Florida's 9th Judicial Circuit. She appears to be a nice, sweet and quiet young lady.

She came to the Community Steeple Media's office and we talked for about an hour. I can tell you this, she is very passionate and very aggressive about her life's mission.

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Press Release

September 15, 2016
Orange County Democratic Black Caucus and Community Steeple Media, LLc agree to create a communications network with a Black people focus.

The Orange County Democratic Black Caucus is THE Political Voice of and by the people in Central Florida. Wanting to make that statement more true, the OCDBC realized there is a need for a communications network that allows for the free flow of ideas by the community.

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Are the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media In Cahoots With Patrick Murphy, In The Same Way That Repubs and FOX News Are For Trump?

Pam Keith        Main Media
PamKeith 100 MediaLogos 100

By Lawrence A. Robinson
“I don’t care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right.” I’m sure that you have heard that quote before. No one used this mantra in recent history more effectively than Donald J. Trump. The rest of the content of the conversations did not matter, as long as Trump’s name and face appeared, he wins.

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