The Resistance Movement Turns into Democratic Votes

By Roger Caldwell
It has been a year since President Trump has lost the general election, but won the Electoral College vote, and became the 45th president of the United States. We all could argue that the system is not fair and it is rigged, and everyone would walk around mad and upset.

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Was That The District 5 Final Debate, or Was It A Celebrity Roast?

ReginaHill 200X197By Lawrence A Robinson
I had an interesting time at the Orlando District 5 City Commissioner Debate last Thursday evening at the beautiful Frontline Outreach Center. This evening however, was nothing more than a temporary distraction and offered no insight for direction that District 5 will take. I would never call this event a serious political debate.

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Democracy is Under Attack with President Donald Trump

donald trumpBy Roger Caldwell
Without the rule of law, America is destined to fail and collapse. Under the leadership of President Trump, American leadership is moving to the right where many conservatives and Republicans are upset because living standards and income are declining.

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President Trump was Never about the Majority of Americans

We Want Our Country BackBy Roger Caldwell
When Republicans and President Trump talk about the American people, they are talking about their base, and the majority of them are White. There is very little talk about the Black community, because they are invisible, and invisible people don't exist.

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