Does 'Hapless' Patrick Murphy Make Marco Rubio Look Good?

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by Attorney Pam Keith (Pam Keith is a candidate for U.S. Senate)
Note: This comment made by Attorney Pam Keith after frightened Patrick Murphy dropped out of a scheduled debate with Alan Grayson. This debate was to be hosted by WFTV Channel 9 and didn't include candidate Pam Keith because of arbitrary poll rating levels, said to have been set expressly for the purpose of excluding her.

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Is WFTV Channel 9, Showing Racial Bias By Denying Pam Keith A Place On The Stage?

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By Attorney Pam Keith  (Pam Keith is a candidate for US Senate)
Here is the skinny on the debates:

WFTV Channel 9, in Orlando is televising a debate the second week of August. We have been informed that the station "reached agreement" with Murphy and Grayson to keep me out of the debate. As far as we can tell, it's the only debate Murphy has agreed to. The decision was not based on polling, as I am polling above 10% and neither opponent is polling above 30%. This is particularly important as more than 30% of voters remain undecided and are likely to make up their minds based on the debates and Editorial Board endorsements.

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Finally, A Black Agenda That I Can Believe In

Front 200X279by Lawrence A. Robinson
So last Thursday I made the two hour trip to Alachua County, Fl. to meet with some Pam Keith super supporters. This group is super fired up in their support of Pam Keith's run for the US Senate to replace Marco Rubio.

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The Real Donald Trump

donald trumpBy James DeShay
How much Donald Trump can the United States of American stand? We live in a world where leadership has value. Any misstep can create years of instability and hardship. Those who find themselves so dishearten by the last 16 years of leadership seem to be willing to throw the country into the hands of an unproven leader named Donald Trump. There has never been a weaker person selected to be a national party nominee than Trump.

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Bringing Back the Domestic Violence Division

AramisAyala 200by Attorney Aramis Ayala, Esq. - (Aramis Ayala is a Candidate for State Attorney)
Domestic violence does not just affect the couple involved. It negatively impacts the lives of children and other innocent bystanders as well. In short, domestic violence is not just a private issue anymore. It is something that needs to be talked about and addressed within our Orange and Osceola County communities, which the Ninth Judicial Circuit encompasses.

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