Former New York Detective Will Listen To ANY Officer Who Want To Talk

SheriffBadge fallenby Mike Greene, Former Orange County Sheriff Candidate
I want to offer my ear to ANY officer or deputy who would like to talk about this incident. There are some of you who may have responded to this incident and you will be negatively affected psychologically, emotionally, etc. Feel free to private message me in 100% confidentiality and let's talk.

I state the following not as a badge of merit but for you to know that you're talking to someone who has been through what you are going through. I'm a guy with real world experience, not some classroom jockey:

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I come from an agency where at one point we had 5 to 10 of us killed each year. I have been first on scene with officers shot in the head, I performed CPR on an officer who collapsed and died after a foot pursuit, etc. I know the reality of what being first on scene physically looks like. It's not pretty.

I am someone who has been in your shoes. I am a cops cop. I know what got me through each of those situations. I'm offering my ear because that's what cops do. Helping other cops is a priority of mine. I've seen many cops spiral down a dark path after such incidents. I've seen it negatively affect their jobs, family life, etc. This does not have to be.

If you want to chat and get through this without feeling like you're weak, without feeling being stigmatized, without anyone in your dept knowing, etc My line is open to you 24/7 without embarrassment, problem or worry. You've got someone who's been through it here anytime for you. Sometimes cops need help. Sometimes the heroes need a little help. There's nothing wrong with that. You are not alone nor are you the first.

Mike Greene is a former New York Detective and former Candidate for Orange County Sheriff
Interested parties may send a private message to Mike Greene on FaceBook.

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