Are African Americans Wired to Become Business Owners?

CathyHarrisBy Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris
I am not writing this article to offend anyone but I am writing it to educate, inform and empower all current and future business owners especially African Americans. After conducting business seminars and workshops for over 5 years, I have come up with the following conclusions and why I believe that many African Americans are not 'wired' to become business owners. If many don't change their level of thinking, they will have a hard time making their dream of becoming a business owner come true.


For some potential business owners this list are just some of the obstacles that they seriously need to


address or in many cases overcome -- before opening up the doors of their business.

1. Want Everything for Free: There is an old saying that "Black People Will Buy What They Want and Beg for What They Need." In other words they want everything for free! Even when they have legitimate, quality services and products in front of them, they would rather take their money and buy something that will not bring empowerment into their lives.

2. Rather Fake it Until You Make it: Most potential African American business owners don't want to admit that they don't know everything. They are afraid to brainstorm with others especially those smarter than them such as legal, financial and marketing advisors so they rather "Fake It Until You Make It!" For some this will mean never telling the truth about themselves or their businesses and if they keep faking it --they will eventually become perpetual liars.



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