House Bill 209: It's About Responsible Gun Ownership

gun controlby Attorney taleph Haynes Davis, Esq.
I read the article penned by Roger Caldwell here on Community Steeple about Florida House Bill 209 and quite frankly, the article is demonstrative evidence of an article written by one who has absolutely no understanding of not only the import of the bill, but is also evidence of someone who has absolutely no knowledge of, or understanding of, gun ownership in America and the inherent responsibility that goes with the ownership of firearms.

Well contrary to the Mr. Caldwell's article and what that article erroneously suggests, the bill is about taking your guns with you in a state declared disaster or emergency and not leaving them in your home in an emergency and or a disaster so that those guns are not stolen during that emergency or disaster and then fall into criminal hands. It makes sense. In fact it makes a WHOLE LOT OF SENSE. It's called RESPONSIBLE GUN OWNERSHIP. I guess during the event of a disaster (like Florida does not get hurricanes) gun owners should just leave them in the home, right?

Mr. Caldwell and non-gun owners, and the pro-infringement crew, apparently, don't understand gun

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safety. And Mr. Caldwell, and the non-gun owners and pro-infringement crew do not want to understand gun safety apparently.

Note to Mr. Caldwell: No "gun is licensed" here in the State of Florida. Gun owners "have a license to carry concealed" in the State of Florida. Gun owners know that.

Note to Mr. Caldwell: No guns are "registered." We are law-abiding citizens and not convicted sex offenders. Gun owners know that.

Note to Mr. Caldwell: Your reference about the Florida's Sheriff Association is not a good one in light of the fact that they are not the "experts" on gun safety even though pro-infringement folks think so.

And, apparently, writing and arguing about fear of the law abiding "gun owner" is indeed vogue, especially in the "establishment black-American community" and the "establishment black-American media and journalist circles". I mean, only black-Americans who are allegedly "pro-civil rights and freedom" are the ones who consistently argue for infringement and or abolishing the civil right set forth in the 2nd Amendment. As I have written before, black-Americans are the progeny of those who were once considered chattel. As a result, how the hell can you in any way embrace the act of eroding any right that is afforded to you under this constitution?

And, why would you NOT want the law on your side when you are acting responsibly in an emergency instance?


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By the way, WOFL "Fox 35" Television news crew came to my law office on April 11, 2014 and interviewed me on this very issue and the segment was aired on the 10:09 pm news segment that evening. I argued on that segment that I believe that the bill is sound in fact and sound in its intent which is based upon public safety.

Indeed, safety first is the first order of gun ownership. The overwhelming majority of the over one million proud Florida gun owners and concealed weapons holders know that and practice that daily including me.

However, Mr. Caldwell's article seems to be evidence of that, for some black-Americans, the fear of embracing all of your civil rights, in particular your 2nd Amendment rights, brings them fear.

And it is folks like Mr. Caldwell and most black-American so-called civil rights organizations, and self-appointed, self-anointed, narcissistic, snake-oil dealing, pulpit pimp, alleged "civil rights" fill-in-the blank "characters" who do indeed want to disarm the civilian public and abolish and or amend the 2nd Amendment even while bigotry and racism is on the rise. That's what it looks like to me, and I damn for sure am not "paranoid" like Mr. Caldwell has suggested in his article as to the cognitive conditions of a law abiding citizen gun owner like me.

I just had a conversation/debate today on the air broadcast in New York City with a former civil rights organization attorney who suggests that gun ownership for citizens should be abolished and firearms should only be limited to "the militia" and a law abiding citizen should not be able to carry concealed. Obviously he lives in New York and does not own a firearm.

And, just today, I posted an article on my Facebook page about the KKK forming a neighborhood watch program in Pennsylvania.

And you want me to be unarmed? And you ask me why do I "need" an AR-15 with a 30 to 100 round magazine? And you think I should only have a "musket for hunting" like a slave for his master? And the KKK is still alive and kicking?

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You must be out of your mind.

House Bill 209 and the 2nd Amendment is focused on the embrace of the 2nd Amendment with the understanding that the embrace of the 2nd Amendment and the rights, privileges, and immunities with "keeping and bearing" arms for self-defense for the law-abiding citizen carries with those rights privileges, and immunities a tremendous non-negotiable legal obligation and responsibility whereby if you fail in your legal obligation and responsibility, you are likely to be charged with a crime and should be so charged.

House Bill 209 allows for "keeping and bearing" arms for self-defense for the law-abiding citizen to embrace the non-negotiable legal obligation and responsibility of gun ownership by not leaving them in the home it you have to evacuate.

Furthermore, House Bill 209 is in sync with my argument that the right to "keep and bear" arms for self-defense comes with a non-assignable, non-negotiable legal obligation of learning the proper safety measures for carrying, and storing (like using your gun locks and purchasing a gun safe for storing like a responsible owner because that is what responsible gun owners do), knowing the concealed weapons laws of your state (assuming that your state allows for concealed carry), knowing the self-defense statutes of your state (assuming your state legislature has provided a statute like Florida Statute 776.013 the so-called "Stand Your Ground" statute) if required, getting the proper training from certified professional, understanding the maintenance and cleaning that is needed for keeping and storing (if you cannot do it yourself, then pay for the service at your local gun store) and learn, learn, learn these and other safety measures that are relevant to keeping your status the same as it is now; and that is as a law-abiding citizen gun owner.

Florida House Bill 209 is about gun safety and gun ownership responsibility.

However, you do have the right to remain scared and unarmed every day of the week.

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