JerryGirleyBy Pastor Jerry Girley
Perhaps the most pressing question on the minds of many Christians is whether the Coronavirus is a plague sent by God? Well known Christian leaders are coming down on both sides of this question. Some say there is no way that such a horrible thing could come from a loving God, therefore, it must be the work of the devil. Others such as Franklin Graham, insist that the Coronavirus is God's judgment upon the world for turning our backs on Him and embracing every evil under the sun. So what is the truth?

A Message To Black Pastors

BlackChurchMaximizing your IRS status as a member of the Clergy and a self employed tax payer.   

     In our community, low income is the factor that drives the need for a lot of things; affordable medicine; affordable utilities; affordable transportation; affordable childcare; affordable education; affordable food; and of course, affordable housing. Our local leaders are yet to design an official plan to address the root cause of the need, which is low income. Low income is the root, and low income is the issue that we need to address.

It's Time To Provide For Our Own House

Bishop Carroll Johnson of Lifevision Church Orlando discusses the mandate of our community to start providing for ourselves, using Bible Scripture to prove his point. Bishop Carroll Johnson has been a leader and advocate for self improvement for several decades and in this series, he drives the point home. 

On Tuesday, My Church Is A Plumber

Doors SantuaryBy Lawrence A Robinson
     It is strange to me that in our community, the criticism of our churches seems to be exploding. It is almost like everyone has something negative to say about the church. You know what, I agree with some of them because the church isn't the building, the church is you.

We Get To Save Ourselves

PastorGlendy 200We already know that no cavalry on horseback is riding down the hill to save us, right? Our politicians are fighting the good fight, but we are still losing.
We are losing the fight for fair housing. We lose when we try to fight for justice. We are not receiving equal income for equal abilities and we are losing badly in our pursuit of happiness.

As a pastor in our community, you know this better than most, don’t you? Maybe, if we build our own economic system, we could start to win, right?

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