A Passionate Message

OrlandoUnity LogoBy Rena Mack Peterson
It's my life, my life's not mine I live for a better tomorrow for my people. No matter where I go or what I do. Im searching for ways to cultivate culture, love, independence and family to my people. It doesn't mean I'm anti any other race. That means that I love my black people and I want the best for them like every other race wants the best for there own.

Loving anyone else must first begin by loving who you are and owning it. Taking on the responsibility of that love by loving others who look like you. Not literally but by way of ethnic origin. Its time to raise the bar. Walk in the light of our darkness. Even the bible states the first shall be last and the last shall be first. It's time to begin that transition. Reeducate, reprogram if you will, a new purpose for the black race. Youth we need you. Men we need you, ladies we need you.

Family, Love, Respect, Happiness, has always, always been our culture. Those things beget wealth, businesses, innovativeness and so much more. We have to Stop, rewind then start over by any means necessary without violence, without Guns, without WAR. BY LOVE , Communication, understanding, and Education of our history and culture.

Yes I can tell this story to children youth, because this hasn't always been my mind set, I was smart as heck in school, student council treasurer. 3.8 GPA and bad as hell. I drove my parent crazy. They are and were respectable people in the community who worked hard and gave us everything and taught me right from wrong and I still was an ass. Trust me I know this story. You sir don't know mine.

It wasn't until God said enough, Live and be obedient or Die. These were my choices. So don’t look at my page and call me a racist. I am a lover of my people and I have to make sure my family is enlighten. That is my responsibility god gave me. I do not apologize for wanting the best for my communities of lack, children who are hungry, young men kings who have not since of self-knowledge. Young ladies who don’t know they're queens and priceless. It should be yours too Negro man. I can only do what's within my power to make a difference and that is what I do. You sir just do you.

Please understand I wouldn't have always communicated to your ridiculous, pathetic remarks this way. I am the change our youth can be.