Is There A Benefit For Continuing The Violence In The Black Community?

BlackOnBlackBy Lawrence A. Robinson - I see plenty of announcements for ‘stop the violence’ forums and town hall meetings.  I’ve seen ‘stop the violence’ bar-b-que gatherings and even special movie showings.  I have seen, ‘stop the violence’ gatherings at churches, homes, parks, city hall steps on the street corners and in parking lots.

I have seen eloquently made flyers to announce these meeting, gatherings, forums and panels with special learned guest. These printed flyers cost a pretty penny to imagine, produce then print.

I have watched videos of pastors, advocates, police officers, sheriff deputies crying mothers, friends, witnesses, all talking about the horrors of this violent environment.

I have listened to great orators talk about stopping the violence in booming voices. I have heard attorneys, pastors, elected officials, appointed officials, citizens, victims, the innocent and the guilty talk about stopping the violence. Why, after all these meeting, all these forums, all these panels, and all these studies, why hasn’t there been a solution to the issue?

There are scheduled gatherings of ‘stop the violence’ rallies, planned months in advance. Am I the only one that thinks this is odd? These scheduled rallies and concerts are designed to bring attention to the violence. WHAT? We already know about the community violence, we are looking for a solution.

Do they know that the violence will continue? Do they hope, that it will continue? Do they want to maintain the status quo? We know that our community loses with the continuance of the violence, but the question is, who wins?

The violence is in our community and we have to solve this issue ourselves. There are plans and strategies available to solve the problem. The question is, are we ready to make the changes necessary to win? Yes, there is a plan.