The Entrepreneur Struggle

entrepreneurshipby James DeShay
Wow! There is nothing wrong with being your own boss and being able to pass the business down to your sons and daughters. What this gentleman is unable or unwilling to see is two things. One being everyone can't be a boss and secondly; there are people that leave a legacy to their children through a display of hard work and commitment.

More people leave an inheritance to their children by saving and paying for college; than building great

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wealth through ownership. There is value in being a good employee. When you work in a position that you truly love and receive a good income; you can be in a good position to create opportunities for your kids.

How many family are destroyed because a father or mother was so committed to a failed dream?

We should all be dreamers but not necessarily to owning your own business. There are times when entrepreneurship takes a lot of quality time away from the family. A perfect example would be President Obama and First Lady Michelle; they are employees, however, I am sure their daughters don't have to be concern about their futures.

I saw both examples in my household. My mother was a teacher for thirty plus years and my father owned his own construction business. He was a great business man for years. He cared for me and he taught me well; but business is a tuff road.

It can come with great rewards or major heart ships. There are no guarantees. My father became ill and lost his business. Thank God for Social Security. It was my only means of caring for him until his death.

My mother on the other hand never skipped a beat. She was also able leave money for me and her grand daughter. Now it is up to me to do the same. I have worked for thirty years as a Orange County Public School Employee. I plan for my daughter at some point to reap the benefit of my struggle.

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