The Florida Consortium of Black Business Continues The Legacy of Black Business Failure

flcbb logoNote from Lawrence A. Robinson: These are remarks made in reference to a FaceBook comment that I made. The original FB comment was in reference to the status of the organization and the members of the Florida Consortium of Black Business who made the trip to Tallahassee last year. I noted, it appeared that nothing came out of the trip that enhances the Black business community.  D. Miller, carried my statement a bit farther when responding to someone who actually made the trip.


by D. Miller
Good afternoon Lawrence A Robinson. Thank you for tagging me. In your previous thread ( ) I would like to comment on a statement (name omitted) made concerning taring individuals depicted in the

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photograph with one brush. (name omitted) your narrative must change. I recognize many of the names listed above and see evidence how too many take the "proceeds" of their businesses, elsewhere!

Lawrence, the reason I respond this morning, I would appreciate (name omitted) sharing within this thread which of these individuals have proved they are indeed investing in black communities, i.e. for instance by purchasing equity building items like non-disposable goods?

Lawrence, can we cut to the chase? While black economic power has certainly escalated -- black disposable income is not benefiting black people as a whole and all studies reflect this. What can I or others surmise when we witness how these black business owners, who are seeking governmental contracts, also witness there is no evidence these same business owners are doing significant business with other black businesses?

Let's not shrink away from the fact that money is not circulating with black communities and I believe it's directly related to the fact many blacks have abdicated their responsibility within the same communities that nurtured. Let's be real, when do they return to their communities? We all know the answer, to visit their parents, get their hair cut and "did." I could get on the subject of the weave market and black women's quest to look white, but I won't go there this afternoon.

Listen, I find it deplorable black folk are spending hand over fist for consumer products in majority communities while the communities in which they were socialized are rotting and becoming victim to greedy ass white folk bent on depopulating those communities for their own gain. This cannot be denied, too many blacks have moved on to more affluent communities, preferring to live among white folk. When I examine employment and dollars in receipts I am alarmed and saddened. IMHO, Black Chambers have been ineffective in bridging these issues.


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Supporting black owned businesses should be the impetus for Black Chambers and each of us - nationwide, yet end up being a venue for blacks to showboat and exclude. While I am certainly an advocate for free-market competition and applaud all blacks with the fortitude and initiative to become an entrepreneur, I am dismayed by our brothers and sisters who left, not understanding and/or caring and/or at a minimum appreciating how vital it is/was for them to stay and lift their communities from the ashes!!!

Don't ease up Lawrence; you are one of few blacks (like Nap Ford and Mr. Macon were) in Orlando who understands the importance of black buying power. Additionally, you are one of the few blacks in Orlando who is SERIOUSLY ROLLING UP THEIR SLEEVES where educating others about the importance of that power and moreover, working to bridge this shameless gap. You get that black buying power is expected to soar in the upcoming years. I have enormous respect for you Lawrence because lastly, you get how VITAL it is for black businesses to conduct business with other black businesses. It's not about showboating for you Lawrence, as I find your intentions are pure and proactive. I understand how vital it is for blacks to generate wealth and more important, pass that wealth on as we pass the baton. Too often I hear blacks say, I got mine, you get yours. Blacks must throw down this type of slave mentality.

Your efforts Lawrence will prayerfully help blacks in Orlando learn how to use their economic power and more importantly, leverage that power. Not one individual bitching and complaining within this thread, or your previous one has even mentioned overall black net worth. If contributors to this thread want to become indignant, let them first show evidence these considerations are issues they are doing something about, walk it like they talk it, else, their words are merely chatter.

Keep on keeping on my brother and make it a great day.

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