TAXES, We Don't Need No Stinking TAXES

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If you have to pay taxes, I do not understand the logic with WANTING to pay more taxes.

I run a business, and try to run it efficiently in order to make a profit, in order to keep the profit, or as much of the profit as I CAN keep, in order to live within my means and to keep my business operating.


I invest in my time and my effort(s) in creating other businesses that I may launch for my entrepreneurial benefit and entrepreneurial goals, and try to run those businesses efficiently in order to make a profit, and to hopefully reciprocate success with the businesses I run, and the businesses I may launch, and to do business with other businesses. That's the way business

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and the economy works, I believe.

I mean, this is a free market society.

But at the end of the day, I do not understand those who WANT to pay more taxes.


Now you may ask, "What has gotten under taleph Haynes Davis' ass today?"

Well, I am finally figuring out that those who claim that they WANT to pay more taxes actually WANT OTHERS to pay more taxes. You see, they don't mind if others pay more taxes, if they think that the "others" have more to pay. Then it's okay.

Well, that pisses me off.

And this is especially true of CERTAIN politicians. And my disdain includes all of them whether they are local, statewide, or nationally who always argue that raising taxes will "solve the problem" whatever that "problem" might be at a given moment.

If you are a politician or political candidate and you advocate raising taxes, I am against you. Period.

And today, especially locally here in Orlando, when you have these upcoming local elections that will affect my business which is located inside the Orlando city limits AND will affect the fee simple property that is owned by my business, you have political races in Orlando City District 5, and Orange County District 6 and the Orange County Florida Mayor's race with CERTAIN candidates arguing to RAISE TAXES to solve some problem. Those elections will affect my business. (Yeah, I know, we have an upcoming gubernatorial race, but I don't want to get a headache this evening, so I'll write about that one at another time.)

The only election (of the District 5 City Commission, Orange County District 6, and Orange County Mayor's race) that I will get to vote will be the Orange County Florida Mayor's race. You see, most of these candidates will make the argument that taxes should be raised not only on the businesses, but also the property owners inside the city limits of Orlando, AND ESPECIALLY the commercial property owners. Every single one of them (with maybe one exception and that is ONE of the Orange Mayoral candidates) thinks nothing about raising taxes, especially on businesses like mine, and commercial property like mine, and will then act like I should not object to their attempts.


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You see, even the elections where I don't get to vote, those elections will affect my business.

Well, I don't give one damn who that candidate is. If you are candidate advocating raising taxes, especially in these political races locally here in the metropolitan Orlando area and Orange County Florida wide, you have an adversary here in this citizen/voter. And there are many more like me. And we vote, and we are vocal, and we will contribute funds to the best of our ability to those who advocate not raising taxes, and who advocate operating within a budget.

Yes, operating within a budget. What a NOVEL IDEA!!

YES, operating within a budget.

I mean, at the end of the day, that's what most citizens have to do in order to survive, right?

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