Do You Blindly Accept What People Say The Bible Teaches?

Blindby Tim Adams, Th.D.
White Americans have been telling African Americans and Africans what to believe for centuries. The Pilgrims were telling the Native Americans that GOD loves them while they shot and burned their homes.

The American Revolution was populated by many who professed to believe in Christ and the Holy

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Bible while enslaving our ancestors. Then after that long period of centuries, actually used the bible to imprison the slaves minds and terrorize them with congregations of KKK - with crosses!

Yes, white people have and will always continue to tell African American people what to believe about and in the bible, however thank God we can read, write and we can now compare those expressions with all of the religions of the world and decide how to live our lives.

Actually, social media comments, even those who are different from ours are interesting, enlightening and welcomed by most pastors, ministers and preachers that I am aware of.

So keep discussing these issues; maybe we can change society for a better world, where everyone is respected and listened to. Blind dependency on God is not the religion of Christianity to many clergy. It is the knowledge that God blessed us all with the minds and abilities to solve life's' problems through work, and praying for the right courses of action to take in our lives.

Not Blindly accepting what other People Say that the bible teaches. The bible plain and easy to understand for one's self., SM

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