Whom Do You Honor, Man or God

idolby Pastor Joe Flores
Let me be perfectly clear on this because I know I'm going to take some hits for speaking this truth. I am a firm believer in giving honor where is honor is due. And a more ardent supporter of giving double honor for those who labor in the Word.

Is that clear enough?


Again, I whole-heartedly support honoring the man or woman of God. When it is biblical and in order, honor is due to the Ambassadors of the Kingdom and true servants of our God.

That being said, something is wrong when any man or any woman gets more praise than God for whatever he or she has done or has become. When we lift a man or a woman more than we lift Jesus, we become idolaters.

Our fleshly attempt to give honor to man or woman becomes no different than when the children of Israel worshipped the golden calf while Moses was receiving the commandments on Mt. Sinai.

If we used half the time, energy, and money, we spend glorifying our position holders to lift Jesus, spread the gospel or call backsliders to repentance, our churches and organizations would be stronger.

The kingdom of God would advance by quantum leaps and I believe God would be more pleased with the wisdom of our choice to give Him the glory that we so frequently give to those called to be His servants. - Pastor Joe Flores

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