Leadership without Accountability leads to failureby Pastor Joe Flores
In psychology there is a concept known as "projection". 'Projection' is when a person projects their behavior and responses onto another as if the other person feels, reacts and responds as they would. In short, the projectionist says, because I feel, act, react or respond this way you must feel act, react or respond in the same way, because that’s how I am.

The projectionist believes that how he feels and responds is how you would feel and respond under similar circumstances. While it is true that all of us are flawed, all of us are not flawed in the same manner, with the same flaws. Depending on a person’s genetic disposition, upbringing, core values, moral standards, spiritual devotion, life experience, paternal and maternal influences and a variety of other variables, two individual’s in like scenarios can possess profoundly different feelings, behaviors and responses to like situations.

A ‘projectionist' will always apply their behavior as the behavior of standard for another. They tend to think that proximity equals sameness. Thieves think that everybody steals. Liars believe that everybody lies. Perversionist believe that everybody is perverted. The people who engage in this deceptive but weak communication tactic know that their simpleton cronies will co-assign whatever comes out of their mouths. Some people will say amen to anything. Some people will condone all manner of disorder and sin of the people they like or feel are alike. A projectionist’s personal feelings for and or their similarity to transgression violators make them pathetically, overly, sympathetic to the destructive, demoralizing and demeaning actions of immoralist and evildoers.

Those who are wise enough to recognize the communication tactics of a “projectionist” are not distracted by this weak psychological gamesmanship because it lacks veracity and integrity. A lack of integrity always produces its own consequences.

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At the core of the matter is a lack of true leadership accountability. Untrained, unbridled, unaccountable leadership is the primary culprit of this pejorative phenomena. Most relationships called a “covering” in the church today is a sham. There are some instances of true, balanced, biblical accountability in the church, however most of these so-called coverings are feckless exchanges of hierarchies, favors, finances and flattery. Many high titled church leaders are not submitted to any true accountability-based relationships. They are surrounded by groupies, ring kissers, fools and friends, none of which are truly empowered to challenge the misguided, delusional and biblically heretical thinking of a poorly prepared leader.

There are three things that can be done to counteract this spiral downward facilitated by the loosey-goosey, Pope-like demagogues of the pulpit.

1. Focus like a laser on the Spirit-anointed, rightly divided, Holy Scripture.

2. Be led by the Holy Spirit.

3. Accelerate your worship of God in Spirit and in Truth.

These three things will release you from bondage to poor, unprepared, self-exalting, misguided leadership. And finally these three things will deepen your love for God and activate the caution of the Holy Spirit against the spirit of rebellion, lying, deception and foolishness.

-Pastor Joe Flores
Founding & Senior Pastor: Perfecting Saints Church
Jer.1:12b "...I will hasten my word to perform it."

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