The Wilderness

PastorJoeThe wilderness is often thought to be a deserted uninhabited place of desolation. However, the word's etymology is from the "wildeornes", which in turn derives from "wildeor" meaning wild beast (wild + deor = beast, deer) from this point of view, the wildness is a place of wild things, things untamed by human civility.

For some of us our wilderness is more than just desolation and or isolation, it is a place that lacks human civility. It is a place of dealing with unimaginable wild things.


If you are not mentally and emotionally prepared for this it can throw you into panic, paralysis, fear and even suicidal levels of depression. For those who are facing some wild things, remember that even in the our "wilderness", whatever dimension of wilderness that might be for you, God by His Word and His Spirit still leads, guides comforts and protects His anointed.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper, no matter how wild it is.

Pastor Joe Flores
Founding & Senior Pastor: Perfecting Saints Church
Jer.1:12b "...I will hasten my word to perform it."

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