Walk signby Bridget Norvell
Agony Street/ Joyful Way - Happiness Lane: Many are chosen for greatness but it is the decision they make on how and who they will administrate that greatness for. Good or Evil!

Agony Street: This street does not stop you from being great but might just consume and overwhelm you adding bitterness with that greatness. Bitterness of anger and disappointment at being treated unfairly that can make you resentment. When negative thoughts tampers your emotional walk distorting the creativity that the potter (GOD) intend for you to be the mission will only be administrated through the pain.

Joyful Way: Joyful way is the way that now allows God to guide you through every direction you have to go. It is letting go and putting him in control. The process of joy is to imaging you sitting on the pottery wheel with no resistance trusting the potter (GOD) to mold and shape you in who he intended you to be. Joyful Way will now take you to Happiness Lane.

Remember, greatness does not look like everyone, it doesn't talk like everyone, it doesn't act like everyone. Walking in greatness can be a lonely walk. But, it is the road you choose to walk down while being prepped for that greatness? Agony Street or Joyful Way so you may stay on the Happiness Lane? BE BLESSED

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