BootStrapping The Central Florida Black Community: Prologue

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by Urban Community Research
There is an old saying that many people have heard from their parents, grandparents or other elders in the Black community for many generations …"PULL YOURSELF UP BY YOUR BOOT·STRAPS". This phrase was usually spoken when providing constructive criticism or strong words of advice (also referred to as tough love), to someone who had fallen on hard times, going through difficult circumstances of some kind, either physically, emotionally or financially.


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Robinson Kyles

Did you know that this "bootstrap" phrase has been officially used as a metaphor for about 100 years? So to "pull yourself up by your boot·straps" actually means to better oneself without the help of anyone else (or no outside help).  This can apply to getting something done for ourselves as individuals, or for our family… or even for the entire Black community.  According to most dictionaries, the definition of a bootstrap as a noun is a "loop at the back of a boot", that is used by a person to help pull on the boot.

When used as a verb, bootstrap is to "get oneself or something into or out of a situation using existing resources."  Bootstrap is also used in modern technology as a technique of loading a program into a computer or electronic device after turning the power-on or turning it off to reset or "re-boot" the system.  Have you ever used a computer and had to "re-boot" it because it got locked up or the system froze at one position?

In other words, it is up to each Black person to "pull ourselves up by our boot·straps", unite our collective resources and rebuild our own self-sufficient Black communities again.  Marches and peaceful protests have not really worked for our people as they did 50 or 60 years ago. It seems that everyone returns back to their normal everyday lives…until time for the next march or protest.

There needs to be real a process in place to keep the momentum going after the marches to focus on the solutions. Isn't it about time to "pull yourself up by your boot·straps" AND help "REBOOT" the out dated systems in the Black community using our own resources rather than external help?

Yes, the time is now to create a self-sufficient process to unite our resources to re-establish a thriving Black community in Central Florida again, with better education, more of our own businesses, as well as our own media outlets to keep us empowered and informed with the real truth.


Next Installation of - Bootstrapping The Central Florida Black Community: Building A Communications Network...coming soon

Urban Community Research is an assembly of Critical Thinkers who are Black. The organization works to level the field in all expects of life for the Black community by first identifying those issues that are specific to the Black community. The organization uses principled logical reasoning to develop new ideas and concepts. They then use those concepts to design a workable solution for the issues at hand. #bootstrappingblackpeople

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