Is Buffoonery The Black Leadership?

Buffooneryby Jonathan Sebastian Blount
Overstand that Black Americans no longer share a sense of common identity, challenges nor purpose. We have no identity leadership nor affinity commonality. We have and are devolving without any effort to enhance our cultural relationships.

It is a very sad, pitiful state of being. Our leaders just meet, greet, shake and fake. They suck up the swill of an illusory material paradise lost.

The end product is clownish garish buffoonish imagery. We chase the bitch goddess of media image hype. I am in great pain over where we are and are not going.

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This is a critical, crucial time. I have never been more fearful of our future as a people.

No longer do we need the KKK to kill us. We kill ourselves, our spirit and subsume our identities and our sense of pride.

We should be loudly vocal, crying out against this tyranny of self inflicted, externally supported, pervasive disinformation. We must sound the alarm of revolt and plead for a renewed direction else we shall continue to perish into ignominious self hatred suffering Post Traumatic Slave Disorder.

Jonathan Sebastian Blount, Originating Founder, ESSENCE Magazine This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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