Soar, To The Next level:

Eagles soars high to the next level.Written by Rico Sharp
What purpose would an eagle have in life it it didn't have wings?
The purpose of the eagle's wings is to enable the eagle to fly high and soar long.

To the same extent what reason would we exist if we didn't have purpose for living?
Speaking of living- so many talented and gifted people are simply existing from day to day, year in and year out without really living.

Feeling unfulfilled and undefined has nothing to do with being rich, married, or successful.

There are many wealthy, married, and materially successful people that hates life, battles with depression and suicide as well as feel inadequate.

Yet, there are many average salary, average lifestyle, everyday living people that are internally happy, healthy, and possess a

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wealth of peace and self contentment.
The reason being is because they are living and defining their God given purpose in life.
This class understands that life isn't about receiving but rather about giving, living and fulfilling.

Let's rise above mediocrity, complacency, and simply existing.
Being a good parent, a good spouse, and a good employer doesn't define your purpose.
Such is the case with simply working in a Church or a Ministry.

What defines your purpose is to become a seed sown in the lives of others insuring a harvest for the a Kingdom of God.
Let's determine to passionately pursue purpose and define our destiny in earth by making and becoming the difference for someone else.

Spread your wings out, fly high, soar long and elevate to a higher fulfillment in life.
After all, for what other reason did God create you?

I'll see you at your next level.

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