Candidate's Web Site- on Community Steeple Media

Campaign web-site suggestions

1. Home page should change often (suggest twice weekly) - when visitors come, should see something new. News articles, campaign events, fund           raisers or commentary.
2. Feeds from your FaceBook, Twitter and You Tube accounts on the home page.
3. Banner at top of homage should display your slogan and links to social media that you are using.
4. Main Menu items should be: About: Issues: News: Video: Contact: Volunteer

About: Your bio. In 2 forms. A chronological biography that is easy to read so that everyone knows where you were raised, the schools you attended, the jobs you held, the charitable causes you have been involved with and the honors you have received.

This is not a place to exaggerate what you have done. If you embellish, inflate or claim degrees you have not earned, it will come back to haunt you, so make sure your biography is dead on accurate before you post it.

In addition, you should post your story; your principal story, about some seminal event in your life that changed who you are and what you became, and a story that helps voters understand why you view the world the way you do. One that helps the voter understand your deeply held beliefs and moral principles. Putting this story on the 'about' page lets voters know what makes you tick.

Issues. The issues page is where you let people know where you stand on issues of our time and matters that may be of concern to you and them. How many and what issues do you cover depends on the position you are running for. You don't need to address all the issues, but will need to address those that matter to your jurisdiction. You should have two or three paragraphs on each issue with pictures embedded in copy to make the web site interesting.

News: The news page is a great place to put endorsements, press releases, videos and pictures of you on the campaign trail. Pictures of press conferences, speeches, flattering photographs, factory tours, town hall meetings, you, visiting small businesses and just about anything else you are doing on the campaign trail.

This tells viewers that you are an active and passionate candidate. It lets your contributors know that you are doing what you need to do to win the election, and it gives volunteers a chance to be seen and given credit for the work they are doing. It also gives news reporters and community influencers a better sense of who you are, your energy and your passion for the job.

Video: Your YouTube Channel should be embedded on a page of your web site for a number of reasons: Video is a great way to communicate your story, your issue positions, speeches, press conferences and campaign activities. Many voters, much prefer video to words pasted on a screen. When you are on camera, voters see your body language, your facial expressions, your passion and energy. When voters see your videos, or you talking, they can better remember you and what you said. YouTube Videos are easy to do, inexpensive, and an entertaining way to share your message with voters.

Contact: Page is just that. It lets voters know your headquarters, phone number and physical address and how to e-mail a question or comment.

Contribution button and Volunteer button, these two items should be on every page of your web site, along with your phone number and social media icons.

The first page of your web site is your 'Landing Page.' Every other titled page, (about: issues: news: video: contact: volunteer), are all capture pages.
A key function of your web site is to capture the e-mail addresses of people willing to leave them. Give something away if you have to... A subscription to your newsletter, and insider's guide to the campaign, a map with your name on it, an autographed window poster a bumper sticker or a yard sign.
The e-mail addresses that you accumulate are gold. It's a central repository of people who have already expressed an interest in you. This is a growing list of voters that can be nurtured over weeks and months to consistantly donate to your campaign and of course they will vote for you when they are in the voting booth.

A good analytical tool does a marvelous job of telling you who is visiting your web site, how much time they spend on each page, and how they found you. We cannot monitor what we don't measure. And if you wake up one day to find that your web site traffic skyrocketed we need to know why or from where those visitors came. With a site analytics tool installed, we can measure activity.

Make sure you put your web site address on every handout, flyer, in every e-mail you send, every sign, every mail piece, in every ad. When people talk about the position that you are running for, we want them to talk about you.

!. Have stock pictures of you;
   A. Talking to group of supporters
   B. Listening to group of supporters
   C. Talking to one or two supporters
   D.. Listening to one or two supporters

2. Videos: 30: seconds to 1 minute long
   A. Listening to supporters concerns
   B. You, addressing their concerns
   C. Talking about your top 4 or 5 issues
   D. Explaining that you will work with the community leaders to address these issues.
   E. Your family and home life
   F. Create your brand. Tell a short story that explains what you stand for and why.
   G. Interviews
   H. Conversations about issues.
   I. Endorsements
This is the start. The best organized campaign wins. We can do this.