fmbossby Tezlyn Figaro
1) PRIORITIES: She is not the one to drop everything for a night on the town and or because the male species shows her a little attention. She is a star, so she is not moved by just any attention she is moved by capturing attention based upon her success. If she has business to handle, she handles it with no excuses…..PERIOD!

2) DISCIPLINE: She does not live by the phrase 'YOLO' Although, she appreciates a healthy balance of work and play, her ability to manage her budget, credit score, priorities, goals and time are impeccable.

3) RESPONSIBILITY: She does not just play BOSS on Facebook, she has been entrusted to various

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task associated with responsibility such as a leadership role in her community, Supervisor on her job and if she owns her own business then her client list is impressive. Anyone can own a business; the question is who is doing business with you? Her work ethic is a direct reflection of her client list and her 'Bossiness' shows up in her portfolio. She is careful and calculated with her moves. They say you win some and you lose some, the female boss does not prefer to be on the bottom of the latter of the two. She prefers to be on top of her game!

4) TIME MANAGEMENT: A real female boss has effective time management skills everything from study time, time with the kids, work and play is managed very well. She understands that there are only 168 hours a week, you will find that most of her days and nights are used implementing productive time management. The female boss manages time like a master conductor in a Broadway Orchestra. She is always early or right on time. She is like sweet music to your ears! She does not talk about it, she is about it!

5) FOLLOW UP SKILLS: If she says, she will call you at 11:30 a.m. sharp you can count on it! She does what she says she will do when she says she will do it. Her clients, colleagues and even her friends know that her word is bond. Unless there is an emergency she follows through, if she is unable to follow through she does not run or avoid the issue, she deals with it directly. She would rather cancel the meeting appropriately then to not show up at all. She would rather tell her client that she is not available to take on the big project rather than not meet the deadline. She consistently does her due diligence in every task that she touches. In turn, this makes her a trusted friend, business partner, advisor or confident to many. Simply put, she has the skills to pay the bills!

This opinion piece was written by Tezlyn Figaro, based upon the observation of others, experience, expertise and most of all RESULTS. Lose it or use it but if you use it you will WIN guaranteed!

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