Is Eatonville's Family Dollar Less About 'Family' and More About The 'Dollar?'

FamilyDollarby Eddie Cole, Introduction by Administration
Here is a hot topic from comments on Face Book about Eatonville's Family Dollar retail store. It seems that the the retail giant will start selling beer and wine in the Eatonville store. Many residents don't like the idea. Should there be a petition to stop this degrading process in our community? Interested residents speak out.

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Are African Americans Wired to Become Business Owners?

CathyHarrisBy Syndicated Columnist Cathy Harris
I am not writing this article to offend anyone but I am writing it to educate, inform and empower all current and future business owners especially African Americans. After conducting business seminars and workshops for over 5 years, I have come up with the following conclusions and why I believe that many African Americans are not 'wired' to become business owners. If many don't change their level of thinking, they will have a hard time making their dream of becoming a business owner come true.

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Did You Know That Workforce Florida has Changed to Career Source?

CareerSourceFloridaby Roger Caldwell
"It's as if we've all McDonald's franchise holders. We all have the same look, the same menu. Are the brand police going to come after me," says Rusty Skinner, CEO of workforce in Citrus, Levy, and Marion counties.

In February 2014, there was a major name change with Workforce Florida, with 24 regional workforce boards, and 100 career centers. The new name becomes CareerSource Florida, and each regional board will use the new brand with regional identifiers, such as CareerSource Palm Beach County, and CareerSource Broward.

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Is Your Roof Ready For Hurricane Season?

According to the National Hurricane Center the official hurricane season in the Atlantic began June 1st and ends November 30th. Most families here in Central Florida know they need to have certain supplies on hand in case of power outages, a supply of clean water and non-perishable food items at the minimum to last for at least 72 hours.

Homeowners have additional steps to the hurricane preparedness for their homes such as boarding up windows, having a generator and clearing their property of items around their homes like outdoor furnishings, etc. One of the things that most residents who own their homes need to consider is their roof is the first line of defense to the weather year round here in Central Florida from battling the intense heat, seasonal thunderstorms which can cause hail, gusting winds and torrential rain.

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fmbossby Tezlyn Figaro
1) PRIORITIES: She is not the one to drop everything for a night on the town and or because the male species shows her a little attention. She is a star, so she is not moved by just any attention she is moved by capturing attention based upon her success. If she has business to handle, she handles it with no excuses…..PERIOD!

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