It's A Choice Only You Can Make

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The decisions we make in life have rippling effects. Every choice we make will effect other people and things around us for years or even a lifetime. That's why choosing your mate in life should be based on much more than how attractive you find them.


I used to date pretty boys, exclusively. If just about every woman walking by didn't stop to look, stare

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or drool, they were blind. That sounds so shallow, but it wasn't meant that way. I truly thought you chose people based on physical desire. I didn't stop to think of the type of person they were, until they proved to be dogs, and fools.

I decided to look at the heart and not at the physique. My first husband was charming, intelligent, funny, and not so physically attractive. He was also an abuser. Marrying him still has rippling effects in my life, though we have been divorced over twenty years now.

I married my current and rest of my life husband based on his kindness, compassion etc., and I found him attractive. Not GQ attractive, but decidedly attractive. We spent a lot of years, in not so good of a place. It wasn't because he was a bad person, nor I. It took time, but we have a wonderful marriage today.

What was the problem in all of those scenarios, ALL of them? I never reached out to God for his wisdom, knowledge or understanding about any of the people I dated or married. When I say it has wreaked a world of havoc by failing to do so, believe me, it has. We are STILL dealing with Eve's decision to listen to the serpent, and Adam's decision to follow her lead.

We are still dealing with Sarah and Abraham's decision to bring the bondmaid into their marriage. Think ISIS! So before you halfheartedly make a decision for your life, stop to think, "Have I consulted the Father on this? What's His will? His decision? If you haven't you better know now that the choice you make can and probably will affect your entire life good or bad. But it's a choice YOU have to make!

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