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MoveForwardAlmost two years ago to the day, 3/3/2012, I was in a prayer meeting with a group of about 30 believers, praying. The woman who was leading the prayer group, got up out of her chair, came over to me, grabbed my hand and lifted me out of my chair. Mind you, I had no personal relationship with her, and had never been introduced, so she didn't know me at all.

When I stood, she placed her hand on my shoulders and said quite a few things to me, but the main thing she said was to, "Move Forward!" Now one can easily say, that word could be for

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anybody, and yes it is to everybody for sure. But the thing that personalized it for me, was that

she said that God wants me to keep doing something, that I had been doing for years, and this woman could have NO way of knowing the specifics like she did.

Anyway, I tried to move in my OWN power and was side tracked for the last two years! This morning, reading the account of Moses and the Children of Israel at the Red Sea, brought fresh insight. Standing between the Sea and the Egyptians, Moses cried out to God to help them.

God's response was basically, Why are you asking ME for help? Tell the Children of Israel to GO FORWARD! He further told Moses to lift up his rod, and his hands and split the Red Sea HIMSELF! YOU DO IT MOSES! When God told Moses to go and get Israel out of bondage, He gave Moses His (God's) very own authority and power to do so. All they had to do was to keep doing what He told them to do, leave Egypt. That meant moving forward!

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So when I read those two words, Go Forward! I immediately thought of that morning two years ago, when God said the same thing to me. I tried to do it in MY power and failed. I was supposed to do it in the power and authority of God that He has given me. That same power he wrought in Christ, when He raised him from the dead, is toward me, when I believe!

So now, I am back to moving forward. When God tells you to do something, He doesn't give further instruction, until you follow what He has already told you to do! So, hey, I'm two years behind, but Praise God, I'm alive and well able to MOVE FORWARD! God Bless!!

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