Some Of Us Can See, Yet We Are Blind

Desiree Des RossI'm an observer., and lately., I've found myself observing people as well as myself in how little appreciation we seem to show in all of the AMAZING GIFTS that God has blessed each of us with.

As I sit here this evening and I am looking through my eyes., God is dealing with me this evening regarding SIGHT. SIGHT, being a beautiful gift from God. So many of us take being able to see for granted and God is showing me this evening how valuable Sight is in each of our lives.


Some of us can see but yet we are walking around completely blind when it comes to God and living our lives for Him. It seems to come so easy for some of us to pretend that we are blind and can't see what God is doing or trying to do in our lives.

I hear God saying open your eyes to your surroundings. Open your eyes so you can see what I am doing in your life or trying to do in your life. God wants us to open our eyes and see the beauty that he has placed right in front of us.

We are so busy looking for something else that we can't see what God has placed right in our vision. When our eyes are close, we can't see anything. We are walking in the dark. LET'S OPEN OUR EYES AND OBSERVE THE BEAUTY THAT GOD HAS PLACED IN SOME OF OUR LIVES AND FOR THE ONES THAT ARE LOOKING, STOP WALKING IN THE DARK.

OPEN YOUR EYES AND SEE THE BEAUTY THAT GOD WANTS YOU TO SEE! I realize this may not make a lot of sense for some of us, but for some of us, it will make a lot of sense.

By - Desiree 'Des' Ross

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