Is Mustard Seed Faith Enough?

mustardseedfaithThe other day, I received a Face Book messages from a lady who told me, "I don't have a lot of faith, just a little faith, but glory!!! That's good enough because that mustard seed faith is the best!!

Now there might be some of you out there shouting and consenting with that statement, but not me. Why not? Because that is NOT what mustard seed faith means. God has dealt to ALL, the SAME MEASURE of faith. So if all she has is a little, then we all only have just a little.

Faith isn't about being a big or little, it isn't measured that way. When Jesus spoke of the mustard seed, he was speaking of how one small seed can produce huge results. What are the seeds that we use to produce results? Words! The words we use will either produce large quantities of blessings or curses.

Remember James and what he said about the tongue, "Behold how great a matter a little fire kindleth (James 3:5). It's the mustard seed principle in action. Words, such little things, can and will reproduce into mammoth things. So use your words and plant them wisely. That little seed will bring you a monsoon of joy or pain...the choice is always what? Up to us!

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