Jeffrey Epstein is still dead: Donald Trump is still a racist buffoon: Buddy Dyer Uses Staff to defend failed housing plan

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     I attended a town hall meeting last week to specifically ask one question: ‘Is there a plan to address the low income issue that is driving the affordable housing crisis in Central Florida?’
     Jessica Frye, AICP, Planner III, who gave a phenomenal presentation about housing, responded to the question by repeating it, explaining why it is a near impossible situation, and then finally saying, “No, there is no plan.”
     State Representative Anna V. Eskamani immediately spoke up and said that she had a plan, effectively hushing Jessica Frye and keeping her from explaining why there is no plan. I said nothing else during that meeting.


     Later, I sent an email to Anna Eskamani and ask for a copy of the plan. Her response is very disappointing. There is no plan, yet our State Representative is ‘fronting’ for Mayor Buddy Dyer and other officials who are pushing for the elimination of the Black communities.

My email to Anna Eskamani:
Hello Anna. At the 'Code For Orlando' Community Town Hall, Problem Solving for Orlando, meeting at Barry University on August 6th, you responded to a question. I asked, Jessica Frye, AICP, Planner III (City of Orlando - Government Housing and Community Development Department) if there was a plan to address the 'low income' issue which is causing the Affordable Housing crisis. Jessica Frye indicated there was no plan. You, said that you have a plan. May I get a copy of that plan? ph: 407.XXX.XXXX or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Thanks
Anna Eskamani’s reply to me
Hi Lawrence!
Thank you so much for your email. The challenge in Central FL when it comes to affordable housing (as Jessica mentioned) is that we lack high-paying jobs. I support increasing the minimum wage, supporting the expansion of tiny homes (to offer new price points for housing), and closing corporate tax loopholes so we have more money to go towards social services and housing programs.
Several bills have been sponsored along the lines with these ideas, and that remains one of our main focuses going into the 2020 session.
Thanks so much!
     This is not a plan. In fact, this response is a failed diversion attempt. She is showing a lack of respect for the residents of Central Florida while trying to save Dyer’s affordable housing scheme.
     We already know that Buddy Dyer has no respect for the Black community. He is now getting help that will ensure our complete destruction. He is winning.
     Please consider this, when you go to the polls to vote for Mayor of Orlando and other officials.

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