Does Black Lives Matter More, When Blue Lives Matter Less?

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by Pam Keith, Esq. (Pam Keith is a candidate for US Senate)
For those who do not know my foundational principal it is this: I LOVE, and I mean really LOVE, my fellow Americans. I believe that we are each unique and special. That our contribution to this great land is NOT based on the amount we contribute in taxes, or how much we produce, sell or make. We cannot help but rub up against each other.

We affect one another in a million ways, every day. We challenge, encourage, uplift, support and

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love each other. That's when we are at our best. We also at times belittle, denigrate, marginalize and attack each other. That is when we are at our worst. But the bottom line is WE ARE. And we ALL matter. Each and every one of us leaves an imprint and makes an impact and leaves a hollow when we leave this world. There is NO ONE like us, there is no replica or duplicate or substitute for ANY ONE of us, and so we ALL MATTER. To callously remove any one of us is WRONG!

We say Black Lives Matter because too many of us have seen black people treated in a way that demands that the point be made, reiterated and reemphasized. When any institution or group acts with callous indifference to the loss of black lives, THE POINT MUST be made, and steps must be taken to change the structural and cultural attributes that make the taking of black lives too frequent and too easy.

But when "BLUE LIVES" are lost, when officers are targeted and killed in retribution for acts they didn't even commit, when we allow vigilantes to act as if they represent all of us, then we commit GREAT SIN upon ourselves and our nation.

You DO NOT make black lives matter more by making blue lives MATTER less!!! So to whoever is out there targeting our officers, YOU ARE OUR ENEMY!!! No way will I sit back in silence and let you kill MY FELLOW AMERICANS indiscriminately!! No way!

WE, the people, all of us of good will, are struggling and working to make this a better Union. This difficult, at times painful process of discussion and reflection, protest and prayer, is not a fight between black and white, and I'll be dammed if I let you turn it into one. This country is now divided into those who sincerely seek fairness, equality, security and justice and those who don't. DO NOT GET ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THAT DIVIDE.

This country is OURS and we will not hand it over to hate-mongers and murderers, no matter what color they may be. THAT. IS. ALL.

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