A Cancer In Law Enforcement

PamKeith 200X265by Pam Keith, Esq. Candidate for US Senate 2016
There are now seven devastated families, and a shocked and horrified nation. My heart aches EQUALLY for those lost last night in Dallas, as for the young men shot in Louisiana and Minnesota. I know that every day, men and women in uniform step out into danger to protect and serve us, and I am eternally grateful for the multitude of good officers who keep us safe.

But there is a cancer in law enforcement that is weakening the entire institution. This sickness is

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not new, it has been present for decades. But it is now on public display, and my hope is that we can finally address it in a meaningful way.

Last night, I re-posted a piece that I wrote more than a year ago with proposals to fix what is happening in our police forces. Today, I simply want to urge peace and restraint. As painful as it is to lance a festering wound, it is the only way to bring healing.

In our country, meaningful change has always come as a result of political and social unrest. Every generation has suffered through conflict in order to move the country forward in becoming a "more perfect union." The rights and liberties guaranteed in the Constitution have NEVER enured equally to all citizens.

Since the very beginning, there have been people who have been denied those rights, and it is every generation's calling to remedy those injustices. The pain we endure now, is the necessary work to make America better for our children.

They too will have to address some form of injustice, as will their children. But the good news is that in the history of our nation, we have ALWAYS emerged from these battles better, more just, and more American. We ALWAYS come out on the right side of the struggle, even if imperfectly. We are not Iran, we are not North Korea, we do not go backwards. We move ever forwards. And in this too, we will move forward to making an America "with liberty and justice for all."

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