My Thoughts On The Tamir Rice Announcement

TamirRiceCLEVELAND — After more than a year of investigation, a grand jury declined to bring charges against either of the two police officers involved in the fatal November 2014 shooting of Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who was playing with a toy weapon in a Cleveland park. (Washington Post)


By Attorney Camara Williams
1. There is no more shock value when it comes to these announcements. The feelings of anger, disgust and confusion ruminate through my brain, but no, I am no longer surprised

2. With each passing incident the societal construct and chasm of what it means to be deemed a “threat” widens based on the melanin of your skin.

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3. Psychologically the effect starts to manifest itself. First we are told “not to act aggressively” but are constantly depicted as the overly aggressive race. We are told “not to speak to loudly” but we are deemed consistently as a race of people who are loud and boisterous. A few years ago we were told not to “wear hoodies” or be deemed suspicious. Now we tell our sons to not have “play guns” despite the fact we have an overly pervasive gun culture.....2016 is approaching I am ready for the adding on of the “do not” list (note my sarcasm).

4. If someone presents a legal argument that the Officers were deemed innocent because of the split second decision making. I would like that same principle applied to untrained individuals who are convicted every day for making immediate fatal decisions.

5. Distrust of the system, stems from a system that immediately distrust us.

6. If someone should ask why does Black Lives Matter resonate? Point to this decision, and tell them if someone makes a “wrong” split second decision that involves you or a family member; You too would like to remind people (the public) that your life mattered in the justice system.

7. A parent will once again have to have “The Talk” with their son before heading outside to play. It is my hope they are not playing with a Christmas gift toy gun purchased at Walmart.

Be Blessed-Ujima.


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