LA Clippers's Donald Sterling and NAACP Bigotry Comments Runs Deep On Social Media

LAClippersby Attorney Camara Williams
This Donald Sterling bigotry is not new info. What's interesting though is Adam Silver statement saying the NBA would not do a retroactive assessment of Sterling actions. But rather evaluate him on his current actions.

My reason there is much more in play here than Donald Sterling. # 1 Adam Silver is essentially an employee of the Owners (they pay his salary) # 2 doing anything based on past actions will directly place past commissioner David Stern in the negative light and have people ask "what took so long?" In the past he can be seen almost capitulating Donald Sterlings reprehensible actions.


Never forcing him out, never fining him for his public battles of discrimination. He has always been a black eye for the's just now the world is (finally) taking notice of the abuse.

In the past the NBA has tried to ignore actions of its owners, sweeping it under the rug, essentially protecting the "Brand". Now they have to make a decision on how they want that "Brand" to be viewed nationally/internationally. With an employee base of over 70% African Americans, and an owner who seems to view them as ONLY property.

The following are social media comments about this Donald Sterling racist incident. Names have been blocked and the comments were not edited. These comments are from several threads.

****** We must Stop this Foolishness! We must have Dignity, Justice and Equality, Now!


****** but i also agree with you and what I'm posting below: In case anyone missed it, the NBA will not do jack sh** to the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers. They are in full damage control. They will take their two weeks of bad press where the clock started yesterday. In two weeks, this entire episode will be yesterday's news. The Miami Dolphins had institutional racism in place within their organization. They threw Richie Incognito under the bus, and poof! Discussion of institutional racism is over. Look for something very similar to happen in this place. I would guess there is going to be a subtle attempt to blast the sidepiece. His wife will take a more prominent role. A check will be written to the LA NAACP. Someone on that team will say nice things about the owner. He will lay low and it will all be over. But no, the NBA is not going to do a damn thing. ESPN Sportscenter will have a thought-orovoking Outside the Lines piece with Bob Ley, and we will all move on.


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****** Well it is La La Land Lake Drive...

****** What is a Donald Sterling?

****** An owner of the NBA LA Clippers. That's it.

****** i can only assume they will be reversing that decision.

****** Is nearly everything in LA superficial and fake?

****** The NAACP has been irrelevant since Kweisi Mfume left the organization. This probably will make it even more irrelevant.And of course the NAACP probably didn't realize what a scumbag they were honoring. .

****** @ ****** - they honored the same scumbag in 2009.

****** Unbelievable!!!

****** It's not unbelievable. These so-called "civil rights groups" do stupid shit all the time. It does not surprise me at all. They'll do anything to get money. They'll sell YOU down the river to get money.

****** Yeah, according to NAACP, there is a real lack of Black 'leadership' in LA and obviously the rest of the country also.

****** the fact that the NAACP wanted to give Donald Sterling an award is troubling. Did they do any due diligence in knowing who he was? These Legacy organizations are so out of touch with everyday black folks that they are nor longer respected or wanted for the most part.

****** Now We have a Racist, being defended by people who should not defend Sterling.

****** Sterling is Guilty of Racism. His choice of nearly African American - Mixed Culture people notwithstanding!

****** ****** I agree from any direction, racial hatred is wrong. Racism is institutional and intentional products or government and business policies. Always look at who benefits from a social paradigm to understand its purpose.


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