The Insanity In District 5 Escalates

AlanaBrennerby Lawrence A. Robinson
Speaking of insanity, FaceBook Philosopher and long time District 5 resident, Beverly Burgess, filed a complaint against City Council Candidate Regina Hill and alleged that Candidate Hill spit on her among other things. Burgess went to City Hall and delivered a copy of the complaint she had filed with the Florida Division of Elections.


It is The Florida Division of Elections duty to look into the complaint filed by Ms. Burgess. So whyJeff Ashton did Burgess take a copy to Alana Brenner, The City Clerk? Well, because Ms. Brenner offered to forward the complaint to several agencies including Jeff Ashton's State Attorneys Office.

Wow, how helpful can Alana Brenner be? She is finding time to help everybody but don't have time or inclination to do her duty of qualifying potential candidates. Alana Brenner didn't offer to forward Lawanna Gelzer's complaint to the State Attorney's Office when Ms. Gelzer filed a complaint against Juan Lynum. Ms. Gelzer showed the City Clerk Alana Brenner, documents and alleged Mr. Lynum is not a bona fide resident of the district, which is a prerequisite for candidacy. City Clerk Alana Brenner told Ms. Gelzer that she wasn't going to do anything with it. Brenner obviously might have just thrown the entire document into the trash, she certainly did not forward it to the Jeff Ashton, The State Attorney.

City Clerk Alana Brenner made the decision that she wants a Lynum on the City Council and she doesn't care about voters rights. She doesn't care about due diligence, and she joins City Hall and Buddy Dyer along with Daisy Lynum and Sam Ings in ignoring District 5 and District 6, except when it comes to votes needed. That is when you see them all passing out turkeys and making insane promises.

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