Will The True Justice League Please Stand Up?

Jeff Ashtonby Paula Denise
Bill Cowels, Alana Brenner, Jeff Ashton...Bar Association, Dept. of Justice the foremost authorities to insure candidate qualifications are reviewed with the highest standards of integrity and criteria.

FACT or FICTION ?? YOU, owe the citizens an explanation as to why investigation on candidate Juan Lynum,

who has not been disqualified to date from the race for his mother's seat on the Orlando City Council, when there remains a looming question on his resident validation and is tantamount to voter manipulation,suppression and fraud.


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The public is not stupid as to these political maneuvers. With humble respect, we ask that you do the job of the office you hold with commitment, rather than the job 'office tricksters' are trying to redefine your job to be. Take a lunch, then agree to resume 'thorough' investigation as expected by the public...PLEASE, more than image and respect is at stake.

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