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Contact Person: Shirley Chisholm-Campbell
Contact #:(407) 900-1015
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Candidate for Orange County District 2, Greg Jackson to Moderate A Rights Restoration Forum In Eatonville

Local attorney and candidate for Orange County Commission District 2, Greg Jackson will take time from the campaign trail to Moderate a Rights Restoration Forum in the historic Town of Eatonville, Florida. With there being a growing movement to address clemency issues and an increasing call to support a "ban the box" initiative in Orange County, Greg Jackson is teaming up with community activists and clemency advocates Desmond Meade,

President of the Florida Right Restoration Coalition, and Lashanna Tyson, to hold this informative and much needed Forum.  "In the State of Florida a significant number of residents with past felony convictions are seeking to have their rights restored so that they can participate in the voting process," said Orange County Commission District 2 hopeful, Greg Jackson. "As I walked the District and spoke to residents and business owners about the issues most important to them, clemency was within the top five issues."

Also participating in the Forum will be Eatonville Mayor, Bruce Mount, and the Town Council, featuring newly elected Councilwoman Angela Thomas, are being invited to attend and participate in this event. In addition to providing clemency information, this program will also have a station set up where individuals can learn of their clemency status. At previous Rights Restoration events attended by Greg Jackson, several people were able to obtain clemency information and some attendees even learned that their rights to vote had already been restored without their knowledge.

The Eatonville Restoration of Rights Forum will be held from 1:00pm to 3:00pm at the Denton Johnson Community Center, located at 400 Ruffel Street, Eatonville, Florida 32751 on Saturday March 8, 2014. Businesses or organizations interested in sponsoring this event are welcomed to do so and should call Shirley Chisholm-Campbell at(407) 900-1015.The public is invited to attend this informative event.

For more information about the Eatonville Restoration of Rights Forum, please contact Shirley Chisholm-Campbell at(407) 900-1015.

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