Pam Bondi is Governor Scott's Incompetent Attorney General

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Anytime the Lieutenant Governor, the Educational Commissioner, the head of the state Republican Party are in jail or forced to resign their position, the state is corrupt. With Pam Bondi as the Attorney General, she is making a mockery of justice in the state, and proving that incompetent people work for our governor.

When 600,000 people in Florida sign a petition to get a proposed constitutional amendment on the ballot, to allow medical use of marijuana, it is time to stop fighting the will of the people. But not Pam Bondi, instead she has made this her top priority to stop this constitutional amendment. It was also Pam Bondi who led the charge to deny healthcare to millions of Floridians, and costing our state millions of taxpayers' money.

Throughout the entire country she is on record as one of theComproTax Cul 200X200 state's worst attorney generals, but in the last couple of weeks she has proven that she does not care, and is an insensitive leader. She decided to postpone an execution so she could go to her campaign party and collect supporters' checks. After she was caught, she was forced to apologized, but our leaders make it a habit of embarrassing our state.

In a blog named "My Stupid State" the writer says you can always tell a Rick Scott initiative by asking three questions: 1. Is it un-Constitutional, 2. Is it designed to hurt rather than help Floridians, and 3. Will Pam Bondi fight for it. Pam Bondi is a Republican/conservative andJohnHughes Banner she fights battles based on ideology instead of law.

When our attorney general defends Scott's illegal voter purges, even after knowing the majority of folks kicked off were legitimate, it makes me wonder, if she can be trusted. There is something wrong when the leaders in the state start a second voter purge, when the first one did not work.

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When Donald Trump ran a get-rich seminar that stole tens of thousands of dollars from Floridians and New Yorkers, the New York attorney general immediately filed charges. On the other hand, Pam Bondi received a large check from Trump for her re-election, and decided to drop the charges. She is definitely working for the wealthy stakeholders, and not the citizens of Florida.

Rev. Jesse Jackson has labeled Florida as an "apartheid state" and compared Governor Scott to Governor Wallace. Florida has sentenced more than 20 people to die, and later discover that they were innocent. Somebody is not doing their job, and there is a fundamental problem with our court system.

Last year when the state's court system was on trial with the Trayvon Martin case, Florida proved that if you are an African American don't expect justice in Florida. It is time for a change in Florida, for the position of attorney general. Pam Bondi is incompetent, and at times it appears that she uses the law to support her Republican ideology.

Corruption is running wild in the state, and our top cop is leading the pack. Anytime you have an attorney general who fights for the issues that hurt the residents, we must kick her out of office.

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