Zimmerman Will Most Likely Win Again

Zimmerman1by Attorney Camara Williams
Last week George Zimmerman found himself embroiled in another legal situation. He allegedly pointed a shotgun in the face of his live in girlfriend. This prompted a slew of internet blogs to declare he will FINALLY "get what he deserves..." and ultimately be sent to prison on a charge. First and foremost, there is a highly likely scenario where he could just get probation for the charge.

However, let us assume that he would in fact decide to take it to trial and defend himself. I have some news for people…Aggravated Assault is often a highly defendable charge, and if done correctly, can be beaten. The reason being, no injuries, very few witnesses, and often conflicting stories makes a recipe for acquittal.

First let me explain what Aggravated assault actually is…

An aggravated assault is an assault committed with a deadly weapon. An aggravated assault is a third degree felony punishable by up to five years in the state prison system, but it is subject to severe mandatory sentencing enhancements that can more than triple that time.

There are a few defenses to an aggravated assault charge, one of them being. The two main ones are "Conditional Threat" which is defined as a statement that sets out a conditional threat to commit a violent act at some unspecified point in the future based upon a possible eventuality does not constitute an assault.

And "Unreasonable Fear" which in Florida is defined as, If while being 'threatened', the accuser was taunting the defendant or did not actually believe the defendant would follow through with the threat, then a later claim of assault - usually because of pettiness - will be ruled unreasonable because the accuser did not actually feel threatened.

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From the outside looking in, the latter defense seems more plausible and hence more likely. That is of course if Mr. Zimmerman decides to have his day in court. All in all, what has been proven is that Mr. Zimmerman has a proclivity to find himself in serious violent scenarios, and if continued will lead to an eventual incarceration.

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