Zimmerman Will Most Likely Win Again

Zimmerman1by Attorney Camara Williams
Last week George Zimmerman found himself embroiled in another legal situation. He allegedly pointed a shotgun in the face of his live in girlfriend. This prompted a slew of internet blogs to declare he will FINALLY "get what he deserves..." and ultimately be sent to prison on a charge. First and foremost, there is a highly likely scenario where he could just get probation for the charge.

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DeptLawEnforby Attorney Britt Lyle

Even the most astutely clever author of the most intriguing action/suspense/drama novel would be hard pressed to articulate, even with complete artistic license, the clarity that these set of actual, not contrived, facts indicate about the dual legal systems that exist in every county courthouse in the State.

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Why Is The Marriage Law and The Homestead Law CoHabitating?

cohabitationby Attorney Camara Williams
Last week I was going to write about the topic of Homestead property, and it relation to marriage and conveyance (I was inspired by my friend’s wedding). However, I became sidetracked with Veterans Day and I decided to go into another direction and speak about Florida constitutional law basics. This week I have decided to revisit the topic and give a proper explanation as to what exactly is Homestead property and why is it so important for a Florida resident.

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NSA logoby Britt Lyle

International Intrigue; the Ellsberg-Snowden Affairs.

Who is Edward Snowden? Is he a Benedict Arnold, the infamous American Revolutionary Officer whose attempt to hand over the vitally important fort of West Point to British military forces during the war made his name synonymous with treason? Arnold defected to Great Britain, was given the rank of Brigadier General and was never quite excepted into English society nor was he ever given assignments of trust by the British high command.

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The Law, Dealing With Birth and Death

CamaraWilliams1by Camara Williams
Wow, What a whirlwind week! For those who may not know, my wife and I welcomed our first child. Unfortunately, I also found out that my grandfather had passed away early Sunday morning. Within seven days my family has experienced the true cycle of life. Both of these life events require not only an adjustment in our daily lives, but also in our planning of a future going forward. For my wife and I it means adjusting our beneficiaries and including our daughter (I apologize in advance to my twin brother and sister in law-you guys have been replaced).

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Hallelujah, Revisions Made To State's 'Stand You Ground' Law

Attorney Camara WilliamsBy Camara Williams
As most may remember this past July the local chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha and FAMU College of Law hosted a forum on the Stand Your Ground law, among our panelist were Senator David Simmons and Senator Chris Smith. Both who were the leading voices on both sides of the law. This forum was the first time that both were in the same room to discuss the law since the verdict, and this provided place for them to articulate their ideas and possibly come to an understanding in search of common ground.

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