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High Profile Attorney Natalie Jackson received a message from her client, police brutality victim, Noel Carter. Attorney Jackson allowed Community Steeple to publish this message.

(Below is a text message I received from Noel Carter late last night after the trial was over and the jury said he was guilty of battering the police officers who were caught on video abusing him.

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Attorney Camara Williams Is Feeling Confused About The Noel Carter Case

NoelCarter OPD whippingby Attorney Camara Williams
I woke up in the morning with a conflicted feeling. Happy for my trial result, but upset about the trial result of Noel Carter (my friends and colleagues Natalie Jackson, Kafi Kennedy Swanson, James Smith tried this high profile case). It is an interesting irony that in the same judicial circuit we had two cases happening in the same week involving excessive police force, with both clients being charged with Resisting an officer.

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Does Black Lives Matter More, When Blue Lives Matter Less?

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by Pam Keith, Esq. (Pam Keith is a candidate for US Senate)
For those who do not know my foundational principal it is this: I LOVE, and I mean really LOVE, my fellow Americans. I believe that we are each unique and special. That our contribution to this great land is NOT based on the amount we contribute in taxes, or how much we produce, sell or make. We cannot help but rub up against each other.

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A Cancer In Law Enforcement

PamKeith 200X265by Pam Keith, Esq. Candidate for US Senate 2016
There are now seven devastated families, and a shocked and horrified nation. My heart aches EQUALLY for those lost last night in Dallas, as for the young men shot in Louisiana and Minnesota. I know that every day, men and women in uniform step out into danger to protect and serve us, and I am eternally grateful for the multitude of good officers who keep us safe.

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Does Jeff Ashton's Refusal To Debate Opponent Aramis Ayala Show Fear of The Black Vote?

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by Lawrence A. Robinson
During Jeff Ashton 2012 campaign he made promises to the Black community to be fair and honest. After his election, State Attorney Jeff Ashton not only turned his back on the Black community, but actively worked against the very people that he swore to serve. And now, he is unwilling to even debate his opponent in a public forum. Can this community really allow Jeff Ashton to retain his role as State Attorney?  NO!  The answer is NO!

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ISIS Is NOT at War With Christianity? Who, Then?

PamKeithBy Pam Keith, Esq.      (Pam Keith is a Candidate for U.S. Senate)
This morning we are reminded that ISIS is NOT at war with Christianity, or the West, or America. ISIS is at war with ANY ENTITY, country, group or person who will not submit to its special kind of nutty. 

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