Vby Pastor Bridget Norvell
Martin Luther King says: Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

Have you ever heard the term "The Powers That Be?" Living in the Central Florida area this term was used loosely. The terminology is one that describes people who try to control people and situations. It is a group who sit in many different seats from political offices to many more. This is their alter ego.

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LA Clippers's Donald Sterling and NAACP Bigotry Comments Runs Deep On Social Media

LAClippersby Attorney Camara Williams
This Donald Sterling bigotry is not new info. What's interesting though is Adam Silver statement saying the NBA would not do a retroactive assessment of Sterling actions. But rather evaluate him on his current actions.

My reason there is much more in play here than Donald Sterling. # 1 Adam Silver is essentially an employee of the Owners (they pay his salary) # 2 doing anything based on past actions will directly place past commissioner David Stern in the negative light and have people ask "what took so long?" In the past he can be seen almost capitulating Donald Sterlings reprehensible actions.

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Dyer's 'Creative Village' Remains Vacant

creative village VacantBuddy Dyer’s “Creative Village” remains vacant, with the project’s developer admitting that the site would never end up like the proposed renderings and that they are having problems finding potential tenants. But Dyer is busy attempting to lure the University of Central Florida to expand its downtown presence more than 30 minutes away from the main campus, according to the latest report from WFTV Channel 9′s Karla Ray.

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The Insanity In District 5 Escalates

AlanaBrennerby Lawrence A. Robinson
Speaking of insanity, FaceBook Philosopher and long time District 5 resident, Beverly Burgess, filed a complaint against City Council Candidate Regina Hill and alleged that Candidate Hill spit on her among other things. Burgess went to City Hall and delivered a copy of the complaint she had filed with the Florida Division of Elections.

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Why Is There Such A Severe Lack Of Justice In The Black Community?

Scales of Justiceby Lawrence A. Robinson
As you know from articles in CommunitySteeple and the Orlando Sentinel and from the hundreds maybe thousands of comments on Facebook and other social media, there are many questions about the qualifications of Juan Lynum to run for Orlando City Commissioner of District 5.

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Will The True Justice League Please Stand Up?

Jeff Ashtonby Paula Denise
Bill Cowels, Alana Brenner, Jeff Ashton...Bar Association, Dept. of Justice the foremost authorities to insure candidate qualifications are reviewed with the highest standards of integrity and criteria.

FACT or FICTION ?? YOU, owe the citizens an explanation as to why investigation on candidate Juan Lynum,

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