Within Their Ranks, When Police See Something, They Should Say Something

See Something Say Somethingby Attorney Camara Williams
Focusing on police brutality is only scratching the surface of the problem.
The true root of the problem is the culture of allowing such cancerous acts to survive by protection and cover up. If someone knew that despite their bad acts their fellow colleagues will back their "story" 110%. How can someone feel compelled to act right, if your never afraid of being called out by your peers?

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The Sandra Bland Rule

sandrablandby Attorney Jerry Girley
Recently, I travelled the deep south on a civil rights tour. I had the privilege of visiting every major civl rights museum in the south such as: the Rosa Parks Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, National Park Center's information center at the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the Civil Rights Institute at Birmingham, Alabama, Little Rock Central High School and the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn.

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The Whacked Judicial System: The Judicial Qualification Commission "DOUBLE TALK" (part 2)

blind justiceby Cynthia Wheeler
The 2012 JQC annual report states:
"In calendar year 2011, the Investigative Panel received 587 complaints. Consistent with prior years, approximately 90% of those complaints were dismissed because it was determined that they were either without merit, sought to review a judge's ruling, or they failed to state a claim within the Commission's jurisdiction."

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black lives matterby Attorney Natalie Jackson
Criminal justice decision makers are selected through election or appointment. In some states, voters elect judges, while in other states, governors appoint them. In either case, the selection process is political. Lawyers who have performed political deeds for their party often become candidates for judgeships.

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