Obama States, We’re on the Right Side of History with Healthcare

Obama WorriedIt does not matter whether you agree or disagree with the president on healthcare, because it is the law. No law is perfect and there are times that a law must be repaired or fixed, but as an American citizen we have an obligation to obey it. The major portion of the Affordable Care Act was rolled out on October 1, 2013, and the website to register Americans was dysfunctional, and an embarrassment to the president and his team.

Anything and everything that could go wrong with a computer went wrong with the website. The system crashed, the screens were blank, the information was wrong, and millions of Americans were frustrated and upset. The Republicans called the rollout a train wreck, but the president and his team stayed focused on their objective.

“It’s absolutely unacceptable in this day and age that the administration can’t deliver on the promises it made to all Americans because of technical problems with a website. As challenging this may seem sometimes, as frustrating as HealthCare.gov may be sometimes, we are going to get this done,” said President Obama as he told about 150 volunteers in Texas.

There is no doubt that we live in a microwave society, and everything is supposed to be instantaneous, but in the real world that does not happen. In the real world people make mistakes, they use trial and error, and they keep tweaking a project until they get it right. President Obama is starting to overhaul the entire American healthcare system, and the Republicans and members in his own party expect everything to run smoothly without any glitches.

It is very easy to sit back and criticize, and talk about repealing the law, but how many Americans are willing to support the president, and help implement the law. President Obama has closed his eyes and jumped into 200 feet water infested with sharks, but he had the courage to dream the impossible dream. President after president has tried to implement and improve America’s healthcare system but they all have failed.

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Back in FDR’s administration, he tried to implement healthcare as a human right. The history of the healthcare law goes back to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and everyone in the country has the human right to health care. The United States government has always believed it had a responsibility to ensure its citizens health care, even though 50 million don’t have insurance, and 50 million are under-insured.

In the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, health care is not considered a commodity but a right as a citizen. As conservatives argue that the government is over-stepping its boundaries, all around the world countries provide their citizens with free healthcare. These countries believe that their citizens pay taxes, and it is their responsibility to keep them healthy and give them free medical care when they are sick.

It is time for America to get on the correct side of humanity and history and become proponents of a health care that works for everyone. America has a great medical care system and everyone in the country should receive the best of care and service.

The Affordable Care Act will give 30 million more Americans the opportunity to get medical insurance from mandated and publicly subsidized purchases of insurance from private, for-profit companies. Other citizens will be newly covered by the expansion of Medicaid for people with low incomes.

The Affordable Care Act is not perfect and revisions will have to be made. But Americans must stop beating up the president and give his team time to work out the problems and glitches in the system. The Affordable Care Act is a historic law, and the president is on the right side of history with healthcare.

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