The Unmasking of President Trump's Mental Illness

Donald Trump caricature unmaskedBy Roger Caldwell
"Worse than being a liar or a narcissist, in addition he is paranoid, delusional and grandiose thinking and he proved that to the country the first day he was President. If Donald Trump really believes he had the largest crowd size in history, that's delusional," said Dr. Gartner who is also a founding member of Duty to Warn, an organization of mental health professionals who feel Trump is unfit to be president.

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Talk To Your Doctor BUT, Know Your Own Body

Mike Greeneby Mike Greene
I want to share a mystery medical issue I had, hoping that my story may save some lives out here. Please take just 60 seconds of your life to read this and share it. This might truly save your life or the life of a loved one, it saved mine:

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Black Maxx Bar-B-Que Is Back

BeverlyBurgessAnyone who has been in Orlando for more than a few years will remember Black Maxx Bar-B-Que. Black Max closed it's doors several years ago after being in business in Orange County for more than 20 years. Just recently the original owners decided to turn over the reigns of authority to daughter Beverly D. Burgess.

In a statement released by the family, the announcement was made.
We are proud to announce the "Grand Opening of Black Maxx Bar-B-Que"

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Enjoying the Healthy Hair Journey

LongestHairby Ebony Onyxx
In the midst of being on this healthy hair journey, I have come to the conclusion of a couple things. First and foremost, keeping it simple is the smartest way to seeing results.

At the beginning, I absorbed every piece of information I read, heard or saw (via blogs and videos) and attempted to incorporate it in my developing hair regimen.

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Please Wake Up To The Importance of Soil and Water

TimAdams micby Tim Adams 
PLEASE Wake up !
This District has NEVER Provided Meaningful, Useful and highly publicized information on Plant, Animal and Water Resource information that we all need. We were denied as a group of people, the use of Agricultural, Orange and Citrus Management and Growers information and relegated to merely being Piecemeal Citrus Harvesting Workers for more than a Century.

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