Where Does Governor Scott Really Stand on Education in Florida?

Rick ScottOne thing that we can be assured of in Florida is there will be confusion, and our governor will change his positions on education, and change his education commissioners. There are five education commissioners who have served in three years in that position, and the governor appoints members of the State Board of Education, who hire the commissioner.

The education commissioner is not supposed to be a political position, but a commissioner is forced to align their decisions with the governor’s philosophy, and satisfy the State Board’s demands.

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The President's Bus Tour To Discuss Higher Education

ObamaBusDuring the middle of August parents are taking their children back to college and tuition is on their minds. Most folks who have a child in college at this point have saved money for years, or they have taken out a loan to finance higher education. If your family is middle class, you are robbing Peter to pay Paul.

Each year the cost of education goes up, and there has been little consensus among policymakers, and lawmakers on how to control or limit college costs. Tuition costs at public, four year universities have tripled over the last 30 years and the average student loan stands at $26,000.

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OCPS: School Daze

OCPSMonday, August 19, a new school year starts in Orange County, Fl. So while driving around Orange County, watch out for the school board members. They are dazed and confused running around masquerading as if they know what they are doing. Clearly, they do not. You would think that with all the hustle and bustle and years of practice they would have gotten it right by now. The entire Florida educational system is whacked. The School Board has to pick heads or tails within a lot of different situations. Some of those situations overlap and conflict and board members have a hard time finding a good solution. Just look at some of the people and issues they have to deal with.

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OCPS: Barbara Jenkins Passes The Buck In Richmond Heights Elementary Closure

Barbara JenkinsMs. Barbara Jenkins is the Orange County School Board Superintendent. Prior to her promotion, Ms. Jenkins was the Deputy Superintendent for Orange County Schools. Deputy Superintendent is the position that she held during the Orange County School Board meeting, when the Board voted to close Richmond Heights Elementary School.

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OCPS: You Already Know!

OCPS You Already Know. Orange County, Fl. LogoYou already know that the Orange County School Board with the help and support of Kat Gordon and Dr. Barbara Jenkins are busing kids out of their neighborhood away from schools they could walk to, in favor of schools 6 to 10 miles away. This action will keep other schools full to capacity while Black schools suffer with low enrollment.

You already know that this practice is cutting the enrollment in our schools to dangerously low levels. Jones High School at close of the 2012/2013 school year is less than half capacity. Many other Black neighborhood schools are below 70% capacity. How many more athletes and honor roll students will Jones High School have, if there were 700 more students?

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Another Event In The Atlanta Area ..

Ignorance IS ExpensiveFor everyone in the Atlanta area or if you have friends and family here, this is a must attend event. Happening next month, July 19-21, 2013

The 2013 Liberated Minds, Black Homeschool & Education Expo

"... A conference that transforms you into a competent and confident educator of our Children.  Learn how to prepare your child to become successful regardless of the challenges life will throw their way"
You won't want to miss this vital conference. Knowledge is power and true knowledge starts with a commitment to your best self.
All the information you need at: The Liberated Minds Expo "Using the greatness of our legacy as a measure of our excellence today"
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